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McKool Natural Medicine & Chiropractic Center

Welcome to McKool Natural Medicine & Chiropractic Center…Are you in pain?  Do you need healing?  Are you frustrated that no one seems to listen to you when it comes to how you feel?  Do you feel like you are just shuffled in and hurried out when you go to the doctor for help?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  Your eyes will be opened to a brand new way of looking at your health and healing!

Here at McKool Natural Medicine & Chiropractic Center there is hope!  Your healing process is a partnership with me.  You will not just be quickly shuffled in and sent back out before you know what happened to you.  You are not just a number here.  Everyone is unique and treated as such.  I will take time with you, to hear what your health challenges are and help you discover the root cause of the problem.  I will educate and assist you back to good health using modern technology to diagnose, but all natural treatments to heal.  We will work together to look at your health as a whole – a complete picture – mental, emotional, physical & spiritual – because it is!

I invite you to take a look around here to see all of the wonderful tools that will be available to you in assisting you back to total health and healing!  I look forward to getting started with you!


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